One Small Step

Command the United States or Soviet Union Space Agency in this engine-building, worker-placement Eurogame. Place workers to gather resources, draft cards, and launch humanity's first unmanned and manned missions, ultimately achieving the first manned moon landing.

Coordinate your actions with your Engineer and Administrator Workers in head-to-head or team-versus-team play for 2-4 players.

Have fun learning about the Space Race! Perfect for a US history curriculum in the classroom and home school.

1 Board
1 Beginner Game Overlay
3 Resource Dice (Gray, Red, Brown)
2 Agency Boards
4 Cubes
1 Rulebook
2 Summary Sheets
4 Red Meeples
4 Blue Meeples
90 Resource Tokens
12 Satellite Markers
12 Crew Markers
9 Advancement Tokens
12 Crew Mission Cards
20 Satellite Mission Cards
46 Development Cards
19 Hazard Cards
14 Hazard Cards
14 Advancement Cards
54 Permanent Tokens

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

One Small Step